Funky Jesus Music Podcast Starring Moriah Peters


It must have been three and a half, maybe four years ago. My family and I decided to travel a few hours North to Portland, Maine to see Mercy Me in concert. It was a tough time for us. My mom had recently passed away, and my father in law was in the middle of a years long battle for his life. This trip was a chance for the four of us to get away from the hospitals and the sadness.

The arena was packed. My daughter and I were a bit disappointed to learn that Chris August would not be appearing because he had suffered a severe brain injury skateboarding. The lights dimmed, and out walked a tall, pretty girl with a guitar and a long dress. To be honest my first thought was “I hope she is not on too long.”


And then Moriah Peters opened her mouth and sang a singe, powerful, beautiful note and k=just like that she had captivated our attention. By the time her too short set was down I was a fan.

Since that time my daughter, my constant Christian concert companion and I have had a chance to watch her grow as a performer. She is now touring with a fearsome, rocking all female band.

If you are not already a fan you will be once you meet Moriah Peters

I do want to caution you. While I am sure you will love meeting Moriah in this podcast you will not love the sound quality in some spots. Moriah’s cell connection warbled occasionally. I apologize for not being a better sound engineer. I do promise that you will be very happy if you show a have patience through the rough patches.

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