Special Edition Of The Funky Jesus Music Podcast – Brian Heil, Share For Shannon


On July 11, 2013 Brian Heil experienced what every parent dreads. He was called to the scene of a horrific head on car accident. As he stood on the highway, peering down at the twisted metal, he knew that his life was about to take a dramatic change, either his beloved daughter Shannon would need a great deal of medical care, or she was gone.


Shannon was med flighted to the local hospital. On his ride to the hospital Brian prayed. He knew that if he didn’t put his entire trust in God at that moment “everything that I had done up until that moment would have been a lie.” Brian made the choice to trust God with everything, the good, the bad and the unthinkable.

Shannon was called home to Jesus that night.

Brian choose to give it all up to God. he choose the path that he thought Shannon would want him to take, the path of Joy.

brian heil

Brian decided to remember Shannon and the joy she brought to the World by motivating people to pay it forward, to show kindness and love to someone else in Shannon’s memory. On Saturday, July 11 we will celebrate the second Share for Shannon event.

In this moving interview Brian tells us how he has been able to put his trust in God and how we can all be a part of the Share for Shannon movement.

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